Mike Hsu Talks Sopranos With Steve “Bobby Baccalieri” Schirripa

Steve Schirripa play the sweet but deadly Bobby Baccalierie on “The Sopranos”. Some call The Sopranos the greatest television show of all time. It’s been 16 years since it’s last episode and people still love to discuss and analyze it. You will get a chance to do that with Steve, and fellow cast members Michael Imperioli and Vincent Pastore on their Talking Sopranos tour at The Scubert Theater in Boston on March 11 and at The Strand in Providence on April 1. Mike Hsu talks to Schirripa about why people are still obsessed with the show, some misconceptions about the finale, and why Steve Perry from Journey is a liar.

Here’s Steve in action as Bobby “Bacala”:


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