Sonic Beer Blog #2: Brooklyn Brewery Black Ops-Four Roses Small Batch

After I poured this Brooklyn Brewery Russian Imperial Stout into Das Boot I realized this was just a black void of blackness. Blacker than any black hole in the universe. Blacker than a pimp’s heart. What I’m trying to say is, “It was wicked dahk” But even though the darkness of this stout sucked all the light out of the room, after one sip it was surprisingly…light? I was expecting a heavy thick mouthfeel. But what I got was a rather thin feel with a sweet malt and vanilla flavor. Maybe some plum too. The first thing that hits you is the alcohol burn, straight to my forehead. You get that on the first sniff too. Those Four Roses bourbon barrels they aged it in got the best of this batch! But on the finish it was cocoa and sweet malt. I was expecting a smokiness but it was not to be found. This brew is very unexpected in many ways. It’s easy drinking but watch out for the 12.4% ABV!

The Sonic Pairing: Much like this beer Soundgarden’s Superunknown is a big dark album that fires a cannonball into your forehead at first. But as you work your way through the tracks there are surprising melodies and textures much like this stout. After pouring, it may feel like you “Fell On Black Days” and found a “Black Hole Sun” in your glass. But as you drink it down you may have a feeling like it’s the “4th Of July”. Some unexpected fireworks and light vibes. Cheers!

All the beers featured in the Sonic Beer Blog are available at Wachusett Wine And Spirits in Worcester and West Boylston.


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