Will Someone Please Make Coheed And Cambria’s Amory Wars Saga Into A Movie Already!

Eight of the nine Coheed And Cambria albums are chapters in the long running story they call “The Amory Wars”.  With the release of their new song “Shoulders” they continue the saga into what will be their tenth album.  It is an epic story that involves many story lines and characters.  So many, that it makes The Lord Of The Rings look like The Cat In The Hat. The stories have translated well into best selling books and comic books that fans discuss with great passion on various websites and chat rooms. If you want to dive in check out this guide.  This all sounds like it would make a great movie or series, right?

In this interview with Coheed And Cambria singer/guitarist Claudio Sanchez, we ponder why this hasn’t happened yet, as well as the current tour they’re on, what their new album may or may not sound like and the collaboration with Rick Springfield on a sequel to his hit song, “Jessie’s Girl”.

Here’s their new song “Shoulders”:

Here’s “Jessie’s Girl 2” featuring Rick Springfield:

Coheed And Cambria are playing with The Used at The Palladium Outdoors, Worcester this Saturday September 18. Click here for tickets.


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