How The Rolling Stones Ended Up Playing Sir Morgan’s Cove 40 Years Ago According To One Of The People Who Made It Happen

Former WAAF Program Director Rob Barnett is part of Rock-N-Roll history.  In 1981, he and a few others, were responsible for getting the biggest Rock band in the world to play a tiny 300 person capacity nightclub in Worcester, Massachusetts called Sir Morgan’s Cove.  It’s a story of perseverance, sabotage and maybe a little extortion(I’m sure the statute of limitations is well past) But most importantly, it was a matter of just asking.  In the interview below, Barnett details the series of events that lead up to this legendary event starting with ambushing singer Mick Jagger at the Worcester Airport to dealing with band management and figuring out how to keep it all a from being sabotaged by a rival radio station.


Here’s the setlist from that night:

  1. (Solomon Burke cover)

    Play Video

  2. (Bo Diddley cover)

    Play Video

  3. (First time since 1969)

    Play Video

  4. Play Video

  5. Play Video

  6. Play Video

  7. (live debut)

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  8. (Willie Dixon cover)

    Play Video

  9. (live debut)

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  10. Play Video

  11. Play Video

  12. Play Video

  13. (live debut)

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  14. Play Video

Here is Barnett getting the ball rolling(no pun intended) with the Mick Jagger interview at the Worcester Airport:

Mick Jagger & Rob Barnett – 1981 – Worcester Airport (4:44) from Rob Barnett Media on Vimeo.

You can read the excellent article by Craig Semon from the Worcester Telegram And Gazette here.




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