Please Watch This Helpful Hot Dog Etiquette Video Before You Do Something Dumb With That Weiner

Today(7/21/21) is National Hot Dog Day!  It doesn’t get any more American than burning a few wieners on the grill and then slathering them in your favorite toppings.(Well, if there was some way we could vote using hot dogs I guess that would be more American. But I digress.) There are a myriad of ways to enjoy tubular meat on a roll: Chicago style with pickles and tomatoes, New York Style with kraut, The Carolina with cole slaw, the rare but always entertaining Japanese style hot dogs cut into the shape of baby octopi, or having three “Up” at George’s Coney Island here in beautiful Worcester.  None of the aforementioned dogs have ketchup on or anywhere near them.  Ketchup on hot dogs is for children 8 and under.  If you like to have Canada’s favorite condiment on your dog do you also cut it up so you can manage the portions better?  Do you want some smiley face fries with that?  Can I get you a juice box, buddy? Dirty Harry put it best:

Before you go out and celebrate this special day, please watch this Video on Hot Dog Etiquette from the National Hot Dog And Sausage Council.(Yes, this is a thing. And yes, you bet I’m sending them a resume!) And please celebrate responsibly:



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