Eric LaFleche Is A One man Army Fighting Hunger…For Now

It started as a small but noble idea. Help 5 families with groceries.  It came to Eric Lafleche during one of his long drives for for his job.  He was deemed an essential employee and was doing well at work.  He wanted to give back to the community in some way to pay it forward.  So Eric joined some facebook groups for the town he calls home, Spencer, Massachusetts.  Found some families that were having trouble putting food on the table and made it happen.  That’s when the “snowball” started rolling.  Soon, word got around that there was a hero taking action and it inspired people to help.  Eric started getting food donations from regular citizens and some businesses.  After taking care of the first “five families” he is now passing 200 families served in 11 states.  Doing it all himself with the help of  generous donations.  He’s slowly working his way to becoming an official charitable organization which will open the gates for even more help.

I got to talk to Eric while he was on the road and get his inspirational story.  Here’s ona man who decided to take action ,and in doing so, inspired and helped others along the way.  Listen to the interview I did with Eric to hear the rest of his amazing story:

If you would like to help Eric on his mission check out the Facebook page, Buying Friends And Families Food or head over to


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