Well I survived my first day as the host of The Pike morning show and haven’t been fired!  So, that’s encouraging…

I promise to not play Rush all the time(not really), I promise to not eat while I’m talking(not really), I promise not to torture Adam Webster too much(maybe a little)

Seriously, I was excited and nervous and hopeful and hungry(sorry, I’m always hungry) about starting this new adventure and it was great! There were a few things that lifted my spirits and helped me shed those nerves:

  1. Having my Sister, Mistress Carrie be my first guest.  We’ve had some times together and we have both lived to tell about it.(Although I am still paying her to not tell anybody anything until I’m dead)  She is a true friend and still the baddest purple haired bitch you’ll ever meet.  She’s doing great and you can join her on her own adventures at
  2. The crew here at The Pike have been very welcoming and I am truly grateful for this new opportunity to bewilder and disgust people on the public’s airwaves every weekday morning.
  3. And then there’s YOU.  To all the people that called, texted, and posted positive and cool comments(well, not everybody.  But a lot!THANK YOU for wishing me well in this new endevour.  There has been a lot of support during a very difficult time and I am eternally thankful I can still sit in a climate controlled studio, push buttons and be a total bonehead for a living.  I couldn’t do it with YOU!  So when they come to take me away(ha ha) I will blame it all on you.  You’re welcome.

In the days to come I will be building this show and I always welcome your input.(except for Lenny Clarke.  He made a joke about me liking edlderly porn about 10 years ago and I haven’t been able to shake it since.)

Feel free to reach out on social media(where the show never ends)

Here are the links…mmmmm...links

You can access all The Pike social media here.



and Tik Tok!…actually I’m not on Tik Tok. Cripes!  How much social media does a person need?

Thanks again!  Cheers!  And I’ll talk to you in the morning(unless it’s Saturday or Sunday)

(how many more parenthesis can I fit in this blog?)


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