Gorilla Glue Will Help Us Stick Together Through These Hard Times

I’m sure you have been following the amazing story of Tessica Brown from Louisiana who used Gorilla Glue adhesive spray on her hair with the expected result.(If you haven’t you can read about it here.)  I know what you’re thinking, “This is Darwin’s theory of of Natural Selection in action”.  How could you possibly not know that GLUE would not be a good hair product?  Please, always read the directions before using any product.  For example, coffee cups that say “Caution: Beverage may be hot” or chainsaws that say “Caution: Do not hold wrong end of chainsaw”(yes, this exists)

But while a lot of us, including myself, had a good laugh at Ms. Brown’s expense there was also an outpouring of kindness.  Several people offered help and suggestions to relieve her horrible suffering.  Including a surgeon from Los Angeles who performed the surgery to remove the glue for free.(sure, he got a lot of publicity for it but everybody ended up with a win)  This renewed my faith in humanity a little.  I think I can safely say we’ve all done stupid things.  I have a few tattoos to prove it.  Maybe not as bad as putting an industrial adhesive in your hair but we’ve all been there and it was nice to see a good portion of the social media world showing some compassion.

But then there’s the case of another citizen of Louisiana, Len Martin.  A supposed Youtube pro-challenger.  He thought Ms. Brown was playing it up too much and needed to prove it to the world.  He set about following in the path of the geniuses who started the Hot Water Challenge, The Tide Pod Challenge, and the Dipping Your Balls In Soy Sauce Challenge.  Yes, The Gorilla Glue Challenge was born…and then quickly died.  Here’s a video Martin posted of his experience:

But what happened?  You can see the hilarious picture of Martin in an emergency room with a red solo cup glued to his upper lip.  He reminds me of a Toucan Sam.  Should we show the same empathy towards Martin as we did with Ms. Brown?  She did it because she legitimately thought it would help improve her looks in a world that pressures women to conform to a certain standard of beauty.  He did it to get clicks.  Which he did. At least he got mine.  So I guess it worked.  I’m still laughging.


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